Someone You Trust

Photo: Katerina Lukoshkova

Someone You Trust uses the practice of rope bondage to explore time, trust and consent. The performance is divided in two acts: a participatory act and a watching act. In the piece, we follow instructions letting one body tie the other, dealing with development paths of practical knowledge and bodily discipline.

In 2018, I was generously invited by Tova Gerge to work with her on this piece that already had an extensive history of research; to perform, to write and to think dramaturgically.

Though we tie improvised patterns for this piece, we have studied with many teachers to be able to do what we do. Thus, a special thanks to Bergborg, Dasniya Sommer, Naka Akira, Hourai Kasumi, Kanna & Kagura, Gorgone, Pilar Aldea, Gestalta, Hedwig and others, not least the ones who tied us or got tied by us.

Text: Tova Gerge and Britta Kiessling
Performers: Tova Gerge and Britta Kiessling
Text eye and rope research: Christian Nilsson
Sound: Elize Arvefjord
Light, room, costume and mask: Josefina Björk
Artistic support: Gabriel Widing och Ebba Petrén

With the support of:
Japanstiftelsen, Längmanska kulturfonden, The Swedish Art’s Grant Committee, Cirkör LAB, and Stockholm County Council.

Photo and film documentation by Katerina Lukoshkova: